New Year, Old Home

    There’s no feeling like that of a new year! Once the clock strikes midnight it’s as if you can actually breathe in all of the fresh opportunity. Old habits and all the things that drag you down might almost vanish into thin air if you let them.

    This 2017 I took newness to the next level – I moved away from my beloved San Francisco back to my hometown, Phoenix. It was perhaps one of the hardest decisions of my life thus far, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and make changes to allow your life to change for the better.

    As my days became numbered I did my best to visit the places I knew I’d miss most. All of the neighborhoods, parks, coffee shops, restaurants (I’ll share another post on that soon!) and of course that beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. However at the end of it all I realized that the place I’ll truly miss most in San Francisco is the home my best friend and I built for the past 4+ years. So many memories 🙂

    Before packing up I decided to shoot one last home tour. I believe that it’s very important to document life whether it’s via photos or written word (hence the sole reason for Modern Stripe’s existence). This little apartment right in the heart of what I like to refer to as the “tender-nob” meant so much to me that I wanted to freeze this moment in time to forever remember my very first home in the big city. This is where my “coming of age story” happened. Come on in!

    Modern Stripes - San Francisco Home Tour

    Modern Stripes - San Francisco Home TourModern Stripes - San Francisco Home TourModern Stripes - San Francisco Home TourModern Stripes - San Francisco Home TourModern Stripes - San Francisco Home TourModern Stripes - San Francisco Home TourModern Stripes - San Francisco Home TourModern Stripes - San Francisco Home TourNow that I have some free time, a new city to explore, different projects and plenty of backlogged San Francisco photos and experiences to talk about, I’m vowing to actually share here on Modern Stripes! In the mean time, wishing you all the best on your new starts too – big or small! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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