How I’m Making Goals on Pinterest

    The weekends are always a great time to relax and unwind. One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to lay in bed, all bundled up, scrolling through Pinterest. It’s the perfect little dose of inspiration whether it be for outfits to wear, things to eat or adventures to have.

    I’m really picky about what I pin. I make sure to give everything a second thought – will this be cohesive with the look I like? Will this article really be something I want to reference later? What do I like about this home interior scene that makes me want to save it for later?

    Nine thousand pins later, I’ve managed to evolve and cultivate a good mix of things that really make me smile and as of this week gain my first thousand followers!  My first K – it’s such a special feeling 🙂

    Since I started Modern Stripes back in January I’ve been trying to up my efforts in the social media arena. It’s a struggle because life happens and I forget to post, but finally hitting a mini goal I’ve had my eye on puts that excitement right back into it…

    To the next K!

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