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Dining at Tartine Manufactory

I’m fortunate enough to have the most lovely friends that let me crash on their couch for a week when I’m feeling a little San Francisco homesick. I’m also very fortunate to have an amazing friend who’s always down to try out the most Instagrammable places in the city 😉 Here’s a look at Tartine Manufactory

Tartine Manufactory on Modern StripesTartine Manufactory on Modern Stripes

My gal pal Emily (of the amazing Dear Serendipity) and I somehow scored a 6pm dinner reservation (rare) and it was absolutely magical! The atmosphere and food make you feel like you’re both at home and experiencing abroad all at the same time – if that makes sense…

Here’s what we ordered:

we had the “sauvignon blanc” – not on the menu, but honestly any wine pairing will be great!

warm bread, cultured butter, buttermilk, koji salt (we loved this one!)

little gem, citrus, soft herbs, yuzu kosho, pistachios

skillet-roasted half chicken, leeks, sherry vinegar, hazelnuts

ask for: “the chocolate tart” – it comes with a side of whiskey ice cream.

Honestly, it’s a bit pricey, but well worth it for a special occasion. Here’s a quick link to where you can make a reservation in case you’re wondering!

Bar at Tartine Manufactory - Modern Stripes

I stopped by Tartine last year before Christmas for late afternoon lunch and have been waiting to share that too…

Here’s what I ordered (then):

ask for: the “salty malt” – this used to be on the menu, but now it’s not. Ask for a variation!

avocado toast

chocolate chip hazelnut cookie

Tip: get a “Country Loaf” to go! It’s their specialty 😉
Salty Malt at Tartine - Modern StripesAvocado Toast at Tartine - Modern StripesChocolate Chip Cookie at Tartine - Modern StripesCountry loaf at Tartine - Modern Stripes

Enjoy xx

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