Little Updates to Transition into Fall

Little Updates to Transition into Fall on Modern Stripes

One could say I’m a sucker for a season change and they would be 100% correct! The arrival of fall is like the gateway into the most wonderful time of the year and I’m always the first in line for pumpkin spice anything.

However with temps still in the 100s here in Phoenix participating in “sweater weather” doesn’t seem to be in the cards just quite yet. I’ve come up with some other little ways to make me feel the Fall coming on.

Get your hygge on with some scented candles!

Pumpkin, cinnamon, apple cider, clove, coffee, just anything spicy and warm to evoke a cozy atmosphere. I’m bridging the gap between summer and fall with a delicious “Pumpkin Coconut” candle  (*cannot find online :/ but it is part of the Chesapeake Bar Home Scents Collection!) I found during one of my weekend Target escapades.

Bring out the seasonal decor… bit by bit.

The key to enjoying anything in life is to not overdue it from the get-go. This goes for phasing yourself into a new season. I always start with changing out my bedding first by swapping for more seasonal throw pillows and busting out a heavier blanket for the end of the bed. The decorative pumpkins around the house don’t come out until the official start of fall at the end of September and Halloween decor will make an appearance a week or two before the holiday itself.

Pumpkin Spice everything!

No one likes a hater to the holidays so if you’re new to the whole Pumpkin Spice thing I suggest starting small by swapping your regular cup of joe at Starbucks with the famed PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) – just try it once, see if you feel cheery and if not circle back to adopting a spice scented candle. Also, I just picked up some “Pumpkin Spice” Life cereal (from another weekend Target escapade) and it is delightful.

Update your look…

The weather is updating itself, why shouldn’t you? No need to be drastic or anything, but I always like to try deeper nail polish hues and update my hair with a cut and color. This year I’m thinking about going for more of a chocolate brown color and getting bangs – jury is still out on whether or not I chicken out or follow through, ha!

How do you celebrate in a new season? 

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