August Inspiration

Who else woke up this morning asking themselves is it really August, already? This happens every year – you start with some resolutions and next thing you know summer is on it’s way out, the kids are planning for back to school and I am planning for all the exciting things ahead as summer makes it’s way out and we transition into fall (and eventually the Holiday season – my favorite!)

Growing up in Phoenix, my mom always named August “the longest month of the year” – her reason being that most days seemed unbearably long in the Arizona heat.

I live in San Francisco now (where it’s definitely not warm), but I’m looking forward to taking the “longest month” by storm. There’s just so much to do before Labor Day Holiday caps off the end of summer. Some day trips, some wine tasting and of course I have a little closet/home rearranging in mind 😉 here’s what else…

  • I bought my first planner right along with the back-to-school crowd. It’s so fun, girly and colorful – plus it has all the Instagrammable holidays (and stickers haha).
  • My friends and I are planning on going on a winery bike tour. The wine-o/nature lover in me is more than excited!
  • A (hopeful) trip to Russian River for the Labor Day weekend and a weekend flight home to Phoenix for some family time.
  • This month I’m making myself get that new glasses prescription! Here are the ones I have my eyes on.
  • Not to mention savoring a bit more “summer water” (Rosé) before the season closes in one of these gorgeous stemless wine glasses from Williams-Sonoma!

What are you looking forward too as a summer finale and fall opener this month? In the mean time, hoping you have a wonderful week! XX

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