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What’s better than Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years combined? National Wine Day. If you have caught a peek of my feed then you probably have noticed that I celebrate “wine day” on the regular… ūüėČ

I’m sure you’d like to get to sipping so let me share with you my top picks amongst whites and reds! Trust me. I’m an expert.


To be honest I buy most wines because I like the label. I’m more of a red girl, but when I was feeling like a fresh white wine I didn’t know where to start except for with the label. Lucky for me I found a really refreshing couple options!

My first stab at a light white was with Quinta da Aveleda – Vinho Verde and it was it refreshing. It was a little bit grassy, but also a little bit fruity. Not too sweet except for the price at about ten dollars!

When in a hurry I found that a great grab is something Fetzer Wines. The Fetzer Sauvignon Blanc is really nice because of an incredibly crisp, green apple after taste. Fetzer Wines come from a certified sustainable vineyard. Cheers!


Once upon a time I threw a wine tasting party and the favorite was a Bogle Merlot. Something about it was so smooth, a little lighter than a cab and it goes great with charcuterie or a hot pizza.

Perhaps you might cringe a little when you hear the phrase “boxed wine” but hear me out here. Initially I bought¬†the Postulate¬†Cabernet Sauvignon at Trader Joe’s because I read 1.5L per box (what is that like two bottles of wine? gasp!) and I was hosting a dinner party so I needed a LOT of wine. Good news – it’s actually very¬†tasty and great for serving groups at a small price.

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