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Best Happy Hour Spots in Phoenix - Modern Stripes

Best Happy Hour Spots in Phoenix

At one point in time my Instagram bio simply read – “official member of Team Happy Hour”. No there is not a real “Team Happy Hour” (or at least one I’m aware of…) except for the one that meets every day in my head…

5 Books for Your Summer Reading List on Modern Stripes

5 Books for Your Summer Reading List

In college I had zero time on the weekends to do anything let alone read. Zero! I was booked solid during the day between¬†homework, projects, athletic events, stopping to breathe/eat and during the evenings you know I wanted to hit the town with my…

Best Wines for Your Buck - Modern Stripes

Best Wines for Your Buck

What’s better than Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years combined? National Wine Day. If you have caught a peek of my feed then you probably have noticed that I celebrate “wine day” on the regular… ūüėČ I’m sure you’d like to get to sipping so…

Top Podcasts for Productive and Happy People

The 5 Best Podcasts to Listen to All Day

I’m all for a good playlist, but sometimes listening to music everyday on my way to work doesn’t make me feel as productive. (Anyone else with me? Or am I just really lame?) My boyfriend will make the argument for the opposite side –…

San Francisco Chronicle

Weeks Links: Email Newsletters To Follow

It’s both super easy and super hard to stay up on all of the news these days. On one hand we can’t escape the media since it’s flying at us in all sorts of directions from fifty different apps. On the other it’s hard…

New York Fashion Week J Crew Fall 2016

Week’s Links : New York Fashion Week

WHAT a week. So much going on between President’s Day (still went to¬†work), celebrating National Drink Wine Day (had to celebrate) and monitoring New York Fashion Week from my Mac (because I obviously didn’t go…) I want to keep this Week’s Links short and…

Molde Norway

Traveling To Europe With Just A Carry On

A very important Girl Boss in my life preaches “you always¬†need to have an adventure on the books.” She’s right – it’s SO important to have something to look forward to!¬†The everyday rise and grind can have you questioning all kinds of things if…

Incense Valentine Cards

Week’s Links : 1

It’s Friday! For it being a week that has seemed like one. big. long. day. I’m really happy that it is almost over. I can see that big glass of Pinot Noir waiting for me like the light at the end of a¬†tunnel. (Plus…

Willams Sonoma Valentines Day Gold Heart Champagne Flutes

11 Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Guy, Gals & Home

Valentine’s Day is one of those “nice-to-have” holidays. Although it’s not entirely “necessary” – It’s fun to get all dressed up in red and pink and go out on the town, but if you have a honey or love to gift your gals there…