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Making Goals on Pinterest - Modern Stripes

How I’m Making Goals on Pinterest

The weekends are always a great time to relax and unwind. One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to lay in bed, all bundled up, scrolling through Pinterest. It’s the perfect little dose of inspiration whether it be for outfits…

H and M World Recycle Week

Celebrate World Recycle Week with a Sale

My boyfriend and I have a bet. We both have a love for shopping and have decided to abstain from needless spending until there is, perhaps, something “we just can’t live without”. The person who caves first, loses the bet. Needless to say, I already…

Valentine's Flowers

Be My Valentine

Ah, the day of love… doesn’t it just give you all the warm and fuzzies and make your heart want to explode (I mean, for one reason or another…)? I think no matter what your relationship status is you can make Valentine’s Day feel special…

Wine Bottles

Wine Tasting with Williams- Sonoma

It’s FRIDAY & as an official member of (what I like to call) “Team Happy Hour” you bet I’m looking forward to that glass of wine waiting for me after work! I’m a wine-o through and through. In fact a weekend of wine tasting in Napa…