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Red Rocks in Sedona via Modern Stripes
Travel Guides

A Girl’s Weekend in Sedona

Growing up in Arizona, I never really thought much of it to be honest. Yes, there’s a cool history of Western-Cowboy culture and great Mexican food, but to me, Arizona was just the place my loved ones were and there was a whole world…

How To Find Cheap Plane Tickets
Travel Guides

How I Find Cheap Plane Tickets

I love to travel! There is nothing that makes me happier than escaping to somewhere on my bucket list. It’s the new sights to see, buildings to photograph, food to taste, places to people watch and unique stores to shop that always leave me…

Layover in Seoul Home Design on Modern Stripes
Travel Guides

How to Spend a Layover in Seoul

I’ve been meaning to write about my quick little trip to Seoul for a while, but you know… life (& procrastination) happens. Earlier this spring I took a big solo trip across the Pacific to visit a very good friend in Cebu City, Philippines.…

Lady Bird Lake Austin - A Long Weekend in Austin on Modern Stripes
Travel Guides

A Long Weekend in Austin

A large part of my quarter-life-crisis had to do with this ever evolving sense of wanderlust. If you take a look at my Travel board on Pinterest you’ll see about a multitude and massive variety of places I’m dying to see with my own eyes.…

Tartine Manufactory on Modern Stripes
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Dining at Tartine Manufactory

I’m fortunate enough to have the most lovely friends that let me crash on their couch for a week when I’m feeling a little San Francisco homesick. I’m also very fortunate to have an amazing friend who’s always down to try out the most…

Palacio Nacional in Mexico City
Travel Guides

A Long Weekend in Mexico City

My family’s first trip of 2017 was to the beautiful Mexico City to attend a wedding. I love traveling abroad and to be dropped in places where you may not immediately understand the language or customs. At first, your brain feels a bit like…

Sea Ranch Lodge - Weekend Trips North of San Francisco on Modern Stripes
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Weekend Trips North of San Francisco

My roommate and I are looking for a weekend getaway North of San Francisco. Something scenic, something different, something a little inexpensive. Not so sure it exists, but after hours of some curious research I’ve made a little list of some unique contenders that…

Marengo Wine Whiskey and Sliders
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Where to Grab a Glass of Wine in San Francisco

In case you haven’t noticed, my drink of choice is almost, always wine. There’s nothing better than enjoying a glass of red at happy hour with the girls or while watching my favorite shows like The Bachelor and Scandal (#TGIT anyone?) Have you ever noticed…