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Anyone else feel a little noncommittal when it comes to buying furniture? When faced with the decision of investing in large pieces for my home sometimes I freeze. To me, it feels as though it carries a similar emotional weight to that of getting married. I mean this dining table, armoire, couch or coffee table could be with me for the rest of my life… am I ready for that kind of commitment? Do I really know what I want?

While I’m still not sure, I do know that there is one missing puzzle piece to “completing” my current home – a coffee table! Currently sitting in the middle of our living room is a big, bright red beanbag. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that, but it’s been with me since my freshman dorm days and I assure you it is still the perfect place to prop your feet while flipping through channels!

The time has come though. Time to be an adult. Time to get rid of the beanbag and upgrade to a grown up coffee table whether I’m ready for the commitment or not.

Here’s little bit of what’s inspiring me for the plunge on Pinterest!

Safavieh Josiah Lacquer Coffee Table

Take a look at this long and lean beauty from Safavieh! For someone with a smaller living room (like me) a thin version with an under shelf is perfect for storing coffee table books and knick knacks.

16 affordable places to buy furniture in your twenties

Fact: It always feels good to find affordable pieces. has a lot of varied options when it comes to coffee tables. I’m really liking the clean lines and simplicity of this one!

A Layered And Colorful DC Home Tour on

How chic is this piece featured over on Glitter Guide? I really like the aesthetic of acrylic tables because not only are they functional, they just look so light! Here is a similar one I’m liking from CB2.

ten ways to make an old home feel new

I’m loving how this detailed wooden one featured on Julie Blanner’s site adds a certain element of interest to an otherwise fairly neutral space. I found something similar at West Elm if in case I decide to add a small dose of tribal vibe to my living space!

OR, should I forego the coffee table all together an opt for a chic ottoman/side table combo like this one on West Elm‘s Instagram.

West Elm featuring Inspiralized

There are so many options! What ever shall I choose?

I’d love to hear about any awesome furniture sites or stores in San Francisco you know of! Or let me know which option above is your favorite above – Please share with me in the comments!! 

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