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NewslettersIt’s both super easy and super hard to stay up on all of the news these days. On one hand we can’t escape the media since it’s flying at us in all sorts of directions from fifty different apps. On the other it’s hard to edit down all of the news that’s most important to us among the white noise.

I’ve found that my best bet at finding out what’s going in certain areas I care about is to subscribe to newsletters that sort through all the news for me. These are my favorites!

  • Unless you are living under a rock you have heard about The Skimm. Two smart and sassy ladies (well they have a whole team now) sum up the most important political, sports and worldly news in sarcastic format. Trust me, the news has never been this entertaining and relatable to read!
  • I really like a little newsletter called The Newsette. They highlight more pop culture, lifestyle and blogger news. Everything every 20-something really cares about 😉
  • Marketing to the Gen Z is really different than any other generation. Kids man, they’re super… “different” these days. To get more in touch with my inner teenager I subscribed to a little something called Clover Letter. I realized teenagers today are way more sophisticated than I ever was!

As far as blog letters go these are my faves:

  • Domino – always something pinnable.
  • Camille Styles – life goal: be her!
  • We Are Scout – these ladies are way creative! Although the letters are few and far between there’s always amazing things I want to shop, pin and make.
  • MyDomaine, Byrdie, WhoWhatWear – You know you were going to pin it anyways. Might as well get it straight from the source.

What newsletters do you enjoy in your inbox? Share in the comments below! I’m always looking for new ones to subscribe to 🙂

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