August Inspiration on Modern Stripes

August Inspiration

Who else woke up this morning asking themselves is it really August, already? This happens every year – you start with some resolutions and next thing you know summer is on it’s way out, the kids are planning for back to school and I am…

5 Books for Your Summer Reading List on Modern Stripes

5 Books for Your Summer Reading List

In college I had zero time on the weekends to do anything let alone read. Zero! I was booked solid during the day between homework, projects, athletic events, stopping to breathe/eat and during the evenings you know I wanted to hit the town with my…

Sea Ranch Lodge - Weekend Trips North of San Francisco on Modern Stripes
Travel Guides

Weekend Trips North of San Francisco

My roommate and I are looking for a weekend getaway North of San Francisco. Something scenic, something different, something a little inexpensive. Not so sure it exists, but after hours of some curious research (see also: shopping) I’ve made a little list of some…

Best Wines for Your Buck - Modern Stripes

Best Wines for Your Buck

What’s better than Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years combined? National Wine Day. If you have caught a peek of my feed then you probably have noticed that I celebrate “wine day” on the regular… 😉 I’m sure you’d like to get to sipping so…

Making Feel Good Goals for the Week

Making Feel Good Goals For the Week

Lately I’ve been in a bit of slacker. I stopped writing posts, I stopped taking photos, I stopped reading, I even stopped going to the gym and I’m not even sure why… but if it looks like a rut, smells like a rut, sounds…

H and M World Recycle Week

Celebrate World Recycle Week with a Sale

My boyfriend and I have a bet. We both have a love for shopping and have decided to abstain from needless spending until there is, perhaps, something “we just can’t live without”. The person who caves first, loses the bet. Needless to say, I already…

Lemony Turmeric Asparagus Recipe on Modern Stripes

What’s In Season: Asparagus

Every Sunday I strut into Trader Joe’s and make my rounds. I hit up the grains aisle (I’m a cereal freak), stop by the greens (I really should be eating salads) and scan around for what’s new on the shelves. Sometimes it’s a million clementines,…

Acrylic coffee table on Glitter Guide

Coffee Table Inspiration

Anyone else feel a little noncommittal when it comes to buying furniture? When faced with the decision of investing in large pieces for my home sometimes I freeze. To me, it feels as though it carries a similar emotional weight to that of getting married. I mean this…

Spring Cleaning for Real Girls

Spring Cleaning for Real Girls

It’s that time of year – flowers are blooming, the days are longer, the air is crisp, iced coffee is in order and you better be doing some spring cleaning! I feel like it’s just so necessary to put away all of that winter stuff that’s…

Top Podcasts for Productive and Happy People

The 5 Best Podcasts to Listen to All Day

I’m all for a good playlist, but sometimes listening to music everyday on my way to work doesn’t make me feel as productive. (Anyone else with me? Or am I just really lame?) My boyfriend will make the argument for the opposite side –…