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Places to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in San Francisco

Everyone’s got a little bit of Irish in them right 😉 I know I do! I love celebrating St Patrick’s Day for a few different reasons – corned beef and dressing in green being the most prominent. (like, I swear I’ll pinch you if you’re not wearing green!)

Celebrate St Patrick's Day at Aventine SF

On my walk to work in the morning I pass at least three spots set up for a St. Patrick’s Party. The city of San Francisco is ready to party! Do you know where you’re going for a green beer? Try one of these!

  • Aventine Block Party – great spot (that’s always packed for happy hour anyways) turns the alley outside its door into a block party with a food truck, DJ and whiskey. Oh and it’s free!
  • There’s a block party at The Irish Bank. It happens every year and it’s super legit! They’ll have live bands all day – the party starts at noon.
  • On your walk home you can stop by the 31st Annual St. Patrick’s Day Block Party in the Financial District. It starts at 3pm, it’s free and it’s always a rager!
  • Or you could just go to the Luck of the Irish Pub Crawl on Union Street… starts at 5pm, ends at 9pm, beers at $2 and there are probably a lot of great looking guys (just saying.)

How are you celebrating St Paddy’s Day? Let me know if you’ve heard of any other awesome block parties!


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