5 Books for Your Summer Reading List

In college, I had zero time on the weekends to do anything let alone read. Zero! I was booked solid during the day between homework, projects, athletic events, stopping to breathe/eat and during the evenings you know I wanted to hit the town with my gal pals and best guys ūüėČ

While it was quite an exhilarating and thrilling part of my life, to be honest, I don’t think I miss it so much (by “it” I mean the rush)… These days I go to work from nine to five and then do whatever I want the rest of the time. Luxurious right?

Luxury is nice for vacations, but not very productive for the aspiring Girl Boss in me. To avoid wasting my life away with no structure whatsoever, I’ve tried to make little goals for myself in the evenings. Besides writing blog posts some nights, I’m trying to make myself get in bed by 10 pm to crack open the latest pick on my book list.

Here are my favorites so far!

When Breath Becomes¬†Airthis book will literally change your life. A true story, Paul, a successful surgeon gets cancer at a young age and asks life all of its¬†deepest questions. Good news –¬†he got the answers! I read this book in less than three days in all the nooks and crannies of time I had. It truly touched my heart and I’m convinced this book was Paul’s purpose and legacy. Such an honor to read it!

The Art of Thinking Clearly – I picked this one up at the airport in Germany and while I’m still not so sure why I’m glad I did. It’s very practical, somewhat cynical, and steals the “magic” out of some stuff, but I guarantee you by the end you will better understand the things that are happening in and around you. This book is the reality check you’ve been waiting for.

Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls – If you are at all interested in the fashion blogger world you 100% know who Leandra Medine is. You know she’s eccentric, funny not to mention really witty and her book is basically a page-turner. Girls, you will relate and laugh, I swear! (Ps. Have you listened to her podcast Monocycle? It’s one of my favorites because each 10 min episode covers a specific topic – she’s super real, pretty deep, very inquisitive, and figures it out at the end. Great listen!)

The Finishing School РMy sister got me this book for Christmas and I read it the whole time I was sipping mojitos on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Each chapter by Valerie Woerner offers a relatable story, guidance, practical advice and a downloadable worksheet to help you better connect with yourself through the Lord. I like to consider my self religious, but not in your face about it. This book was so pleasant because it was a huge, subtle reminder that someone above is rooting for you so you (read: me) should stop freaking out about life!

Girl Boss¬†–¬†Because Sophia Amoruso is awesome and inspiring, I love her podcast, and am excited about her new Netflix show!

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