Week’s Links : New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

From right to left: Opening Ceremony, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrerra, Brandon Maxwell, J.Crew

WHAT a week. So much going on between President’s Day (still went to work), celebrating National Drink Wine Day (had to celebrate) and monitoring New York Fashion Week from my Mac (because I obviously didn’t go…)

I want to keep this Week’s Links short and sweet by simply sharing my favorite collections from the New York runway and why.

  • I might just be partial to the orange runway (favorite color alert) but Opening Ceremony‘s show was so fun! I watched a lot of it via Snapchat. The floating spaceships were cool and the majority of the collection was so shiny and psychedelic. Super wearable – I would bet you anything you’ll see this all over Instagram come fall!
  • With a muted color palette, pops of periwinkle and fur/feather accents you could say Michael Kors did it just right. Direct quote: “women who are stylish understand mixing things up.” Take note!
  • For very classy girls who are also cool, wear fur (again) and metallics and love dresses – Oscar de la Renta hit the nail on the head. There’s this pink evening gown with black straps that is just gorgeous! If I could describe the collection in one word: rich.
  • Carolina Herrerra‘s collection was so ethereal, beige, blue, flowy, flattering and side note: I think I found my wedding dress. Don’t miss the polka dots and purple either! Playful and regal – I like it.
  • Lady Gaga’s stylist, Brandon Maxwell, has a collection that is a straight up Girl Boss approved dream closet. Black and white, sexy, swanky and super wearable in fact! Word on the street is Gaga was at the show and gave him a well deserved standing ovation – aw!
  • Last but not least (in any way) – J.Crew! I feel a little basic for being such a fan because basically everyone loves the brand, but how could anyone resist that big, pink, furry jacket and some awesome mixed print looks? Major plus, I actually have a fairly good chance at owning a bit of this fall 😉

Did you follow along with NYFW? What were your favorite shows and collections? Share with me in the comments below!



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