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It’s FRIDAY & as an official member of what I like to call “Team Happy Hour,” you bet I’m looking forward to that glass of wine waiting for me after work!

I’m a wine-o through and through. In fact, a weekend of wine tasting in Napa sounds like heaven itself. While that isn’t always an option, it’s nice to have a good bottle on the shelf.

By no means am I a wine snob. I play a game in the Trader Joe’s wine aisle where I test out different bottles under six dollars in hopes of finding a total gem. (not gonna lie, there are some great bottles – post on that to come!)

Last fall at a company off-site I got to experience the ultimate treat – a tasting with the Williams Sonoma Wine Club (Ah!). I had to pinch myself I was so excited!

An award-winning Sommelier brought twenty different bottles for us to try. Four Sauvignon Blanc, four Chardonnay, four Pinot Noir, and four Cabernet.

I’m a red wine girl at heart, but for once there was a white that caught my eye. Eight Rows out of Cape Town, South Africa had a super interesting story and a really crisp, refreshing taste. A son was given eight rows of grapes in his father’s vineyard and a challenge to make better wine with just those eight rows. Long story short, the wine was a hit and the vineyard is now his. You have to try it!

My favorite red from the tasting can be found a little closer to home in Sonoma County. Have you been to the Banshee Wines tasting room? It is my dream to go! Their Pinot Noir was out of this world. It was light yet full-bodied, fruity yet earthy and it goes with just about every dish. 10/10!

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