Celebrate World Recycle Week with a Sale

My boyfriend and I have a bet. We both have a love for shopping and have decided to abstain from needless spending until there is, perhaps, something “we just can’t live without”. The person who caves first, loses the bet.

Needless to say, I already lost 🙂 but it was thanks to these beautiful summer sandals! Ah, I’m so in love – Worth IT!

Since I already lost the bet, I guess it won’t matter if I shop a little more for a couple things I’ve had my eye on (right?) – this time for a good cause! This weekend you can take all of your leftover clothes from spring cleaning into H&M for World Recycle Week and get 30% off your entire purchase! (score!)

H&M sorts the donated clothes, gives the items that are still in good condition to secondhand stores, grinds the rest into fibers that are then spun into yarn, and finally turns the yarn into clothes we can buy in their stores. Here’s how!

A discount that does good? I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure how I could feel better about buying new clothes! Here’s what I just might buy (guilt free)…

How have you been contributing to #WorldRecycleWeek? Do you know of any other ideas, events or campaigns for contributing to a healthy environment? Share with my below!

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